An eco friendly token solution, with an upcoming real practical use.

Dont waste your time and jump into the Moony spaceship before it's too late.

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Where to Buy Mooony

At the moment MOONY is only available through :

How to buy moony

Token Issuing Account


Welcome cryptonaut

Moony is a brand new token for an intended web use.

The Moony team is looking for a real and practical use for the pleasure off all.

Which is why the moony team is in a constant search for improvement and partnership.

Go ahead, scan our trustline and join us.

About Moony

Moony is a refreshing idea on the stellar-blockchain with a purpose, aiming to offer a sustainable and viable token in the very long term run.

Eco token

Moony does not use pow mining and the total token amount is already predefined, which makes it a more than interesting ecological alternative, without sacrificing quality.

Optimised for efficiency

Based on the Stellar chain, exchanges take place as fast as a panda rocket ! And at minimal transaction costs.

Secure system

Based on the secure environment of the stellar blockchain, it is impossible for moony to suffer of any kind of attack. With Moony you can sleep soundly.

Reliable project

We seek to develop a real project with practical use in a upcoming web application, so Moony is a reliable and sustainable value.



95% of moony is available to the public and 5 % are reserved to the dev team. The sale of the token will be used to cover the application expenses and promotion.

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Development & Partnership

Once the tokens have been distributed, the moony team will already be in full development of the application & partnership. Soon you will be able to take full advantage of the token.

Currently we are busy tying up the holding and ending of the project, this one will soon be revealed to you!!

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Platform Integration

The last phase is the integration of Moony on the www.moongamble.com platform.

Extensive communication will be made all along the process. Until then hold moony you won't be disappointed.

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Total Supply

Contact Us

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to answer you.